Hochzeitsmesse im Schloss Lauersfort (2023)

Hochzeitsmesse im Schloss Lauersfort
Der Bericht vom WDR über die Hochzeitsmesse im Schloss Lauersfort(2023)
WDR-Servicezeit ab Minute 8:04. Dankeschön für diesen tollen Bericht.


Wedding fair at Lauersfort Castle on 25.09.2022






  • Book now dates for carnival 2021/2022

  • Light and sound engineering up to 2000 persons possible.

  • prices on application

I am so happy.

I am among the 3 best DJs in Duisburg.

See for yourself.





Unfortunately, the industry meeting is over.

I spoke and was allowed to speak with great singers/artists and DJs again and we had such a great day, TOP.

Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures, I just didn't get around to it, it was a great evening with great people and conversations.


That's a good thing
Best Djs in Duisburg

I'm in 2021 - The industry meeting of the dj-hitparade

I DJ Hit Parade



I have some information for you.

I have something from the WAZ, just read it through

People are already talking about all the service providers.

Actual from 11.09.2021