How is the price of a professional DJ with a trade license calculated ?
I calculate this for you using the example of a 6 hour event:

  • Preliminary consultation: approx. 1.0 hrs.
  • Preparation of the wishes and music for your event: approx. 1.5 hrs.
  • Loading at the warehouse: 0.5 to 1 hour.
  • Journey to your celebration: approx. 1.0 hrs.
  • Set-up of the sound & light system incl. test: approx. 2.0 hrs.
  • DJ working time at your event: 6,0 hrs.
  • Dismantling of the sound & light system: approx. 1.5 hrs.
  • Departure from your party: approx. 1.0 hrs.

That makes together then evenly times approx: 15 -16 hrs.

Here is a small list of important price information

  • the care and maintenance of the DJ equipment
  • Insurance of the sound and lighting system
  • Public liability insurance and Gema fees
  • Advanced training seminars
  • Staying technically up to date
  • as well as the acquisition of new sound carriers.
  • A vehicle for transport and its maintenance

Also not yet included are the costs for advertising such as the entries in advertising platforms. The printing of flyers - advertising tarpaulins - business cards and costs for a professional homepage.