Important information about GEMA
GEMA (Gesellschaft für musikalische Aufführungs- und mechanische Vervielfältigungsrechte) or "GEMA" for short represents the copyrights of composers and artists. If music is played in front of an audience, GEMA charges fees for this. Therefore, every music event must be notified to GEMA. The GEMA then charges a fee, depending on the size and concept of the event.
Private celebrations such as: weddings, birthday parties etc. are usually not subject to registration and fees in the sense of GEMA.
Please indicate in your GEMA notification that we work with "digital copies" of our original sound carriers (format: cda, wma, wav & mp3).

All my music ( MP3 )is registered with the GEMA by a license.

GEMA Head Office Dortmund Phone: 0231 577010
Address: South rampart 17, 44137 Dortmund

Please clarify this in individual cases with the responsible GEMA directorate.
In terms of GEMA, the organiser is generally responsible for the payment of fees.
They are not part of my prices.